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TruMail has changed!

All Trumail accounts have moved to Gmail

You still have your Trumail email address and all the email you have filed.

You have gained Google's amazing spam filter, a vastly superior webmail interface, better integration with Blackberries and iPhones. Plus instant messaging and loads more.

If you find that your old password no longer works try adding 1728 on to the end. If that doesn't work try typing it twice.

So if your password was for example "wibble" and "wibble" no longer works, try "wibble1728" and then "wibblewibble"

We had to do this as some passwords were rejected by Google's strict password policies. For technical reasons we had to change some one way and some the other.

Please update your bookmarks to the new webmail link

Any questions then please ask me here: steve@trumail.com